Established in the year 1999, a dynamic company, leading in the field of cooling tower technologies. We manufacture wide range of cooling towers, such as , FRP Cooling Towers, Pultruted FRP Counter flow cooling tower, Wooden Cooling Towers, Cross Flow Cooling Towers, Square Cooling Towers, Natural Draft Cooling Towers, Fanless Filless Cooling Towers, Evaporative cooling tower, Natural cooling towers, We also manufacture/ supply all Cooling Tower Spares Parts including PVC/ ABS Honey comb Fills, FRP/ Alluminium Fan, Hub Assembly, Drift Elliminators, Spray nozzles, motor, MS Hot Dip Galvanized Hardware, SS Screw Shank Nails, 'ASCU' Chemically Treated Pine Wood, FRP / Aluminum fans, SS/GRP Grids, Rigid PVC Splash Bars, Honey Comb Fills, MS Hot Dip Galvanized Hardware, SS Screw Shank Nails etc.

Besides, we undertake up-gradation, Repairing of any type of Cooling Towers of any make and of any construction.

We have wide range manufacturing capacity, offering single source responsibility for complete Water cooling solutions to all type of Industries.

Industrial Cooling Towers... Manufactured by Sarang, we are one of the leading manufacturers of cooling towers in India. We assure to manufacture and market products which comply with the customers' needs and design specifications.

All components and materials are carefully selected and tested under adverse conditions applicable in operation. The quality control system at Sarang is designed to assure quality of all our products and services through evaluation, inspection and verification of processes and systems at all stages from marketing to design, purchasing, manufacturing, installation and servicing. Our Quality standards often exceed general standards, the objective being to supply a prime quality product which will provide low cost and reliable service to our customers over many years.

At Sarang… Cooling Tower is important equipment in your plant, which optimizes the process and ensures the best production yield. Major industries such as electricity generating, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel and so on use a vast assortment of cooling towers. Whether you wish to cool the centralized air-conditioning plant of your building, dissipate heat from your processing plant or cool the water in your industrial complex, we are committed to serve you.